Hard Way to Strength


I'm getting better.. Thankyou for the pray and encourage.. =)
Ini mo ketikin renungan harian dari ODB kemarin punya, it blessed me a lot and i hope it will bless you too..

Diamonds are beautiful and valuable gemstones, but their beginning is common carbon, black and dirty, and combustible. Through years of intense heat and high pressure, they become pure and strong. This makes them a good metaphor for spiritual strength; God uses intense outside forces to rid us of impurities and to perfect His strength in us.
God's strength is made perfect in our weakness, says the apostle Paul (2 Cor 12:9). I wish this were not true because i hate being weak. (me too!). Chemotherapy and radiation treatments taught me more than i ever wanted to know about physical weakness. Then a minor event plunged me into a state of emotional weakness that caught me off guard. 
After losing 3 feet of hair and being bald for nearly a year, one bad haircut should not have been a big deal. But it was, and i felt silly for being so weak. 
Some of us, are able to create an illusion of strength and self-sufficiency. But sudden loss of health, employment, or a treasured relationship is a startling reminder of our total dependence on God. 
When we experience the fiery furnace of suffering- whether physical or emotional, whether persecution from without or humiliation from within. God's loving purpose is to make us pure and strong.

God uses testing in our lives to rid us impurity and 
teach us that our strength's in Him
and no in self-sufficiency..

Udah baca postingan gue sebelum ini?? Yang sangat-sangat random. Itu kan gue tulis subuh-subuh kan. Trus yaa besok pagi-nya pas bangun, dapet mention dari salah satu CP di Gereja yang baca enn semangatin gue gtuh. Malem-nya bbm-an sama nih anak trus dia semangat-in gue lagi. Since my second love lang is words of affirmation, gue seneng bangeed dapet encourage by word sampe segitu-nya. The point is, Tuhan baik!! Gue anggep itu sebagai semangat dari Tuhan. Tohh Tuhan bisa pake apa ajaa dan siapa saja kan untuk showing His love and care to us?? 

"HIS strength is made perfect in my weakness." -2 Corinthians 12:9-

My strength is in HIM!!


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